upcoming special events at ryugen-ji temple


zazenkais at Ryugen-Ji temple

dates: TBD

cost: $45.00 per person

The Brevard Zen Center, Ryugenji, is happy to announce we will be holding a zazenkai, short retreat, beginning on Saturday Dec 11 at 9 AM and ending on Sunday Sept 12th, 10AM. It will include zazen (meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), service and Dokusan (one to one meeting with the teacher). Sleeping arrangements are dormitory style so bring blankets, air mattresses etc. The cost for the retreat is $45, not including dana, and includes all meals.

RSVP for this event to genjo.gallagher@gmail.com

Sesshin at White Sands Temple in Mims, Florida

Dates:  March 15 - 19 2023

Cost: $200

Please note that Dana for Sensei is not included in the cost to attend sesshin. if possible, please bring cash for dana.

The beautiful White Sands Buddhist Center of Mims, Florida, https://www.tvct.org/, invites Genjo Sensei to lead sesshins.

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White Sands 04

Brevard Zen Center will host a sesshin (retreat) at White Sands March 15 – 19 2023 . The price of the sesshin is $200. This does not include dana (an offering) for the teacher, but it does include all meals and sleeping accommodations—on the floor of the meditation hall. If you are bringing an air mattress, we ask that it be no larger than twin size.  Please bring your own blankets, linens/pillows, towels, toiletries etc. To reserve your spot a down payment of $50 is required. To register email genjo.gallagher@gmail.com.

During this sesshin one of Genjo’s students, Max Salinas, will be Shuso (Head trainee). There will be an installation ceremony in the beginning and a formal ceremony on Saturday during which Max will give his first Dharma talk. Sunday morning he will be the officiant for service. The sesshin will be led by Jim Genjo Gallagher, Sensei. The schedule begins on Wednesday evening at 7 PM and continues until after breakfast on Sunday. White Sands Buddhist Center is at 4640 Knost Drive, Mims, Florida. It is a Vietnamese Buddhist monastery with several acres of beautiful garden and one of the most impressive collections of large-scale Buddhist statues in the Southeast. A sesshin is a multiple day retreat in which we take time out of our busy lives to focus on our spiritual practice. We do multiple periods of zazen (seated meditation) with periods of kinhin (walking meditation) between. We also do samu (work practice) and chanting services. The teacher will give Dharma talks daily. The retreat is done in noble silence with no aimless talking. All participants will receive Dokusan (private interview) with Genjo Sensei. Sleeping arrangements are very basic. All meals (vegetarian) are included beginning with breakfast Thursday morning.  This sesshin will be a formal retreat in the Soto Zen style. There will be an Introduction to Zen at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday for people who are new to this type of practice. If you have never done a sesshin before—even if you have done another retreat at White Sands—you are strongly encouraged to attend this introduction. Services and meditation begin Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. with a half hour of meditation. Thursday through Saturday, the day begins at 6:30 a.m. and continues until 9:00 p.m. Approximately 9 hours of that time will be spent in zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), service (chanting) and dharma talk.

We strongly recommend you attend the entire retreat. However if you can only attend a portion you are more than welcome.

Special Events at our sister temple, hokori-Ji Temple

  • zazenkais and sesshins at Hokori-Ji temple

  • dates: To be announced

  • costs: Please contact Nikon Greg hicks (contact information below) 

Hokori Zen Center at the Universalist Unitarian Church
3140 Troy Ave
Lakeland, FL 33803