Brevard Zen Center

upcoming special events at ryugen-ji temple

Sesshin with Sensei Jim gallagher

dates: Wednesday, August 16th at 7:00pm through to Sunday, August 20th at 10:00AM

Cost: $195.00 per person. limited scholarships available.

Please note that Dana for Sensei is not included in the cost to attend sesshin. if possible, please bring cash for dana.

During this sesshin, we will celebrate the Japanese tradition of Obon.  "Hachigatsu Bon" (Bon in August) is based on the lunar calendar, is celebrated around the 15th of August and is the most commonly celebrated time. On Saturday, we will perform the Kanroman: Gate of Sweet Nectar service.

Please click the link at the end of this sesshin notice to learn more about the Obon tradition and Kanroman.

 A Sesshin is a multiple day retreat in which we take time out of our busy lives to focus on our spiritual practice. We do multiple periods of zazen (seated meditation) with periods of kinhin (walking meditation) between. We also do samu (work practice) and chanting services. The teacher will also give Dharma talks daily.

 All participants will receive Dokusan (private interview) with the teacher.

Sleeping arrangements are dormitory style and all meals are included.  You may arrange a hotel room if that is preferable (approx. 10 minutes away). For those who wish to stay at a nearby hotel, we have a list to choose from. Please let us know if you need the hotel list.
We have a limited number of cots and sleeping bags available on a first come basis. If you are bringing an air mattress, we kindly request no larger than twin size.  Please bring your own blankets, linens/pillows, towels, toiletries etc. Our shower facilities are outdoors with hot and cold running water.

You may join us anytime your schedule allows, but it is highly recommended that you attend the entire sesshin to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in the warmth of the temple and the sangha.
While you may think, "They know I'm coming." please RSVP to or so that food plans etc can be made.

Click here to learn more about the Japanese tradition of Obon and the kanroman.

zazenkais at kuge-in

A zazenkai, literally meaning "to come together for meditation" is a Zen Buddhist retreat that is usually less intensive and of shorter duration than sesshin.

Lunch and dinner are served on Saturday, and breakfast is served Sunday morning.

cost: $25.00 per person.  please note that dana for roshi is not included in the cost to attend sesshin. if possible, please bring cash for dana.

upcoming zazenkai dates:

  • to be announced

Early reservations are recommended. Please RSVP if you plan to attend: or

sesshins at our sister temple, Hokori Zen Center in Lakeland, Florida

  • To be announced

Please contact Greg Nikon Hicks at (863) 255-9735 or by email at for information regarding sesshins at Hokori Zen Center.
Visit their website at